Book Review: Almost There by Farrah Rochon

Disney Twisted Tales are just that, they put a twist on the original Disney Princess stories.  Twisted Tales are Disney’s strongest YA book series and so far many of the books have been entertaining. Read on for a review of the Twisted Tale Almost There by Farrah Rochon.

In Almost There, Tiana makes a deal with The Shadow Man (aka Doctor Facilier) to bring back her father James, and make Prince Naveen forget about their adventure in the Bayou.  The Shadow Man makes this happen and Tiana gets several blissful months with having her parents reunited.  She opens up T&J’s Supperclub with her father James, which becomes one of the most popular restaurants in Treme.  

Still, Tiana can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong.  Mysterious things start to happen including a thick fog covering the city and green slush forming on the surface of the water surrounding New Orleans.  Tiana suspects that The Shadow Man is behind it all, but when her friends start to forget about the past, Tiana knows the charade has gone on for too long and she seeks out Mama Odie for help.

In this novel, grief is what The Shadow Man preys on and makes Tiana forget the sensibility depicted in the Princess and the Frog.  It’s understandable though since Tiana’s father James is such an important part of her journey. James inspires Tiana’s work ethic and so when she has an opportunity to get him back and to start another adventure with him by her side the temptation is too hard to resist.  

Almost There also has a slight creep factor, especially as Tiana and in turn, Doctor Facilier owe more to their debtors.  Author Farrah Rochon brings readers right into the center of New Orleans which already has a spooky feel and so the tone of the novel becomes slightly darker as the story continues.  

A few familiar faces return like Charlotte and her Big Daddy, Louis, and of course Prince Naveen.    These inclusions didn’t feel forced, and the story made sense for why each of the secondary characters would participate in Tiana’s goal of untangling herself from Doctor Facilier. Almost There is pure spooky entertainment just in time for Halloween this year and one of the strongest Twisted Tale stories in the series!


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