Book Review: Bite Sized Archie VOL 1

Archie, Veronica, Jughead, and Betty are back in Bite Sized Archie! Based on the webcomic of the same name, this book gives a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the series. Read on for a review of Bite Sized Archie VOL 1!

Bite Sized Archie cover

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About Bite Sized Archie VOL 1

Bite Sized Archie features all your pals and gals from Riverdale (and beyond) while covering everything from video games to pop culture to embarrassing group chats! Complete with exclusive bonus features, character sketches and behind-the-scenes conversations from the creative team, you’ll be absolutely thrilled as we take a deeper look at the comic that’s been delighting Archie fans on social media every week!

Bite Sized Archie VOL 1 Review

Bite Sized Archie VOL 1 is a collection of Archie webcomics but it’s not just that. It’s also a scrapbook of sorts in which authors Ron Cacace and Vincent Lovallo add in their thoughts on the origins of a particular panel or explain the background of a meme or joke.

Each webcomic panel has the date of the original publishing plus author commentary on each panel. This book has some very interesting tidbits like the inclusion of The Simpsons family car, the impact of Star Wars memes and even familiar faces like Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

Although some of the jokes are stale, I did like reading some of the reasoning on why they included a particular joke. There are also warnings to those younger fans that sometimes jokes can be unkind although the authors do remind readers that Archie and his friends love to joke and rib one another.

Bite Sized Archie VOL 1 is more of a behind-the-scenes look especially when it comes to some of the initial webcomic sketches. The coloring itself of the comics uses bold colors but don’t think that this is the Archie comics of years before. The characters are updated with more modern outfits and accessories like laptops and cell phones.

Fans of Archie and even kids who appreciate graphic novels will enjoy this book!

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