Book Review: Disney 5 Minute Villains Stories

Need some new Disney stories to ring in the spooky season? 5 Minute Villains Stories has you covered! Featuring some of the most iconic Disney villains ever, 5 Minute Stories is a great gift for any Disney fan! Read on for a full review of the book 5 Minute Villains Stories.

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ABOUT 5 Minute Villains Stories

A collection of 12 stories featuring all the worst Disney Villains! Join Cruella, Maleficant, Captain Hook and more in the treacherous tales!

What Are 5 Minute Story books?

Published by Disney Books, 5 Minute Stories are books that usually hold about 10-12 short stories featuring your favorite Disney characters.  These stories tend to be a good mix of class characters like Bambi to some that are more recent like Tiana or Anna/Elsa.  What makes this particular 5 Minute Stories version is that all the stories include an emphasis on villains, and are perfect for the spooky holiday season!

Review: 5-Minute Villains Stories

One interesting aspect of the 5 Minute Villains Stories book is that there are repeat villain stories.  For example, Alice in Wonderland is my personal favorite Disney film and there are two stories in this book.  The first story has the Queen of Hearts desperate to get some rest but strange sounds keep floating through her room. 

The second story has the Queen craving something to eat and Alice brings her treats but in the classic Wonderland way, none of the treats are what they seem!

In one-story the Evil Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves) is longing for a spooky mood but is horrified that all she is surrounded with is cheerful animals and sunshine!  In another story, Ursula attempts to sabotage one of King Triton’s events and the details in this story are a treat!

Ok so let’s be clear, some of the stories in this book are a bit longer than 5 minutes but that’s totally ok for my family.  Kids will love that the stories are short and the accompanying illustrations are detailed, that’s part of the fun of reading through- spying on all the little fun characters and details that they’d miss in a movie.

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