Book Review: Disney Bound by Leslie Kay!

Have you heard of Disneybounding? It’s fashion inspired by Disney! Lots of Disney Parks visitors have taken the opportunity to Disney-bound as their favorite characters since Disney Parks do not permit adults from being in costume in the Parks! Disney generously sent me the book Disney Bound Dress Disney and Make it Fashion to review, so keep reading for a look into the Disney-bounding world!

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Disney Bound book review


DisneyBounding visionary Leslie Kay offers tips, advice, and inspiration for how to channel your love for Disney through fashion.

This book walks readers through every step of the Disney-bounding process, from choosing the outfit using items in your closet or from the local mall, to pushing Bounders beyond their comfort zone, to spreading good vibes. It also shows Disney fans and beyond that Disney-bounding is not just about playing dress up?

It’s about community, about finding who you are, and expressing it through the intersection of Disney and fashion. At the end of this book, readers will be left feeling inspired, empowered and ready to start a new Disney-bounding fashion adventure!


Disney Bound: Dress Disney and Make it Fashion is a great guide to Disney-bounding that leaves no stone unturned. Author Leslie Kay breaks down Disney-bounding in several steps. Starting with choosing a character, color blocking (creating an outfit that uses the character’s classic colors), using silhouettes and then accessories to complete the look. The book has several chapters that offer tips but I liked the chapters that put the focus on specific characters showing ideas to create the look with real-life models and outfit sketches like the image below.

I love that the book includes photos of Disney-bounding models of all shapes, sizes and shades to show finalized outfits! One really relatable chapter describes the fashion journey of Disney-bounder April Barbossa who began Disney-bounding as a way to express herself and to distract from depression and an eating disorder. Disney-bounding allowed her to step into Cinderella’s shoes, to forget about her confidence issues for a day while creating some magic at Disney!

Most importantly this book shows just how much a having a passion for something can open up new doors. Author Leslie Kay took her passion for Disney and created a literal movement, there’s not a time when I visit the Parks where I don’t see people in Disney-bounding! The Disney Bound book is a great gift idea for any Disney fashionista and I’m looking forward to trying out some of the looks when Disneyland reopens!


Born at the beginning of the “Disney Renaissance” era of mermaids and magic carpets, Leslie Kay grew up believing in fairy tales and dreams coming true. However, pixie dust doesn’t exist in the real world and she had to overcome several obstacles to find her Cinderella story. After creating the Disney Bounding blog, DisneyBound, and posting her first look, her audience grew to nearly 30,000 in just three weeks. Nine years later, through DisneyBound and its various social media platforms, Leslie continuously reminds her community of over half a million Bounders that dreams can come true and with a lot of hard work, just like Walt Disney taught us, your love for Disney can take you to magical places.

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