Book Review: Disney Princess Magical Worlds

Looking for a book for toddlers that features their favorite Disney Princess plus some site words to practice reading? Magical Worlds, Disney Books latest release for the holidays might be for you! Read on for a full book review of Disney Princess Magical Worlds!

Disney princess magical worlds review

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Disney Princess Magical Worlds Details

From Moana’s island of Motunui to Cinderella’s castle and beyond, explore the worlds of your favorite Disney Princesses in this beautifully illustrated, fun-filled storybook!

Step into the Disney Princesses’ most magical, memorable places and discover surprises and colorful details on every page. Featuring charming scenes from twelve different worlds, this is the perfect book for every Princess fan! And w ith numerous speech bubbles and words labeled in each scene, little readers can expand their vocabulary, too. 

Disney Princess Magical Worlds review

Disney Princess Magical Worlds is a great beginner book for children just learning about Disney characters. Each princess that is featured has a small paragraph describing their magical story plus a scene inspired by their specific movie. For example, Tiana’s pages features Tiana, Naveen and Mama Odie in a fun scene from the Bayou. The next scene is a fun look at Tiana and her friends enjoying Tiana’s Palace, the restaurant at the end of “Princess and the Frog.” The names of the characters are put in speech bubbles near each character and there are other words children can recognize based on the illustrations.

For Ariel’s pages, her sisters are features with their names something I don’t see very often in Ariel merchandise. Disney Princess Magical Worlds features princesses like Mulan, Moana, Rapunzel, Pocahontas, Briar Rose, Merida, Tiana and Ariel. Almost all the “official” princesses are shown except for Snow White.

Disney Princess Magical Worlds is illustrated by Nicoletta Baldari and the style is very similar to the movie illustrations with a bit more emphasis on facial features. There are a lot of small details on the pages and children will enjoy pointing out the tiny details and matching the words with the object or person they refer to. Magical Worlds is a solid beginner book for readers who either have a favorite Disney princess character or want to learn more about them!

Ratings: 3.5/5 stars

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