Book Review Elsa Bloodstone: Bequest

Elsa Bloodstone is a Marvel superhero and master monster hunter.  Never one to shy away from a fight, Elsa can handle any monster she comes across but what about a long-lost sister who shows up on her doorstep?  Read on for a review of Cath Lauria’s Elsa Bloodstone: Bequest!

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About Elsa BloodStone: Bequest

Elsa Bloodstone just can’t catch a break. She’s barely finished shutting down a hive of ratmen when a special ops squad turns up guns blazing – and they’re shooting at her! It’s nothing a good grenade can’t sort out though. When Elsa returns home, she discovers an unexpected guest claiming to be her long-lost sister, seeking her own stolen Bloodstone shard. The Bloodstone is the secret to Elsa’s superhuman powers, and a shard in villainous hands is seriously bad news. Cue globetrotting adventures full of monster-smashing. But danger stays one step ahead of them as Elsa realizes her sister isn’t quite what she seems, and an old enemy with a secret about her family’s past could overturn everything Elsa’s ever believed.

Elsa BloodStone: Bequest Review

When Elsa Bloodstone is attacked by a mercenary group on a run-of-the-mill mission, her curiosity is peaked.  It quickly becomes apparent that her bloodstone shard that gives her enhanced capabilities is a sought-after item. When her half-sister Mihaela is attacked for her bloodstone, the two sisters travel around the world to try to figure out who is hunting them for their shards. 

I really liked that each location opens up a tiny bit of the mystery and the two women have to work together to make progress. There’s some uneasiness between the two, possibly because of their stark differences in dealing with their father Ulysses.  

Elsa Bloodstone: Bequest is such a fun action-adventure story and not knowing anything about Elsa Bloodstone won’t affect your ability to enjoy the story.  There is enough of a back story that explains the character’s sarcastic attitude and her relationship with her infamous father Ulysses Bloodstone.

The author Cath Lauria also touches on canon Marvel events like Arcade kidnapping Elsa’s brother Cullen.  The author name-drops some familiar Marvel characters like Captain America, Tony Stark (an ally), and Wolverine (a former lover?) tying Elsa into the Marvel Universe.  Elsa has a distinct voice, it’s British and snarky and I’d love to see where future adventures take her!

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