Book Review: Find Your Spark

In her inspirational new book Find Your Spark, author Victoria Manley encourages readers to discover their passion and inner light to create more meaning in their lives. Keep reading for my book review of Find Your Spark, a journal of gratitude that is inspired by Pixar’s SOUL!

(GIFTED) Thank you to Chronicle Books for providing a copy of Find Your Spark. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As a kid I loved to journal and since 2020 has been so crazy I’ve picked up journaling again. Find Your Spark is the exact type of journal that I need. It’s a beautiful little book filled with prompts to help you practice gratitude and self-discovery.

Some of the questions stopped me in my tracks and really made me think of my responses. For example one of the questions is “What compliments would you give yourself? Write down six compliments.” That prompt really made me think because it’s genuinely a question I’ve never been asked before. Many of the questions encourage writers to make space for the things and ideas that inspire them!

The book itself has a cover with very soothing colors, including aqua which is my favorite color! Many of the book’s illustrations are inspired by SOUL itself and I spotted images of the Half Note Jazz Club and Joe Gardner’s piano. One other aspect of the book is the inclusion of blank and lined pages. These allow the writer to jot down ideas, feelings or even doodles. I wish the lines were a bit wider just because my handwriting is a bit messy but that’s the only thing I’d change.


Find Your Spark is a gratitude journal inspired by Disney and Pixar’s film Soul. This guided journal is designed to help you slow down and celebrate a more mindful, joyful, and grateful life. Writers are prompted to take note of small moments, thank their mentors, teachers, and guides, and seek refreshed insight into what’s important about their time on Earth.

•Based on the original, fun and emotion-filled film Soul
•Features unique illustrations, quotes, and prompts
•Invites everyone to slow down and enjoy every moment in life

Find Your Spark encourages gratitude and reflection to help you unlock insight into your own journey–your own inner “spark”.


Victoria Manley works at Pixar Animation Studios and lives in Piedmont, CA.


As Disney and Pixar’s “Soul” nears its debut on Disney+ on December 25, a new sneak peek of the critically acclaimed feature film is now available. In the movie, Joe Gardner (voice of Jamie Foxx) is a middle-school band teacher who dreams of playing in the best jazz club in town. Filmmakers found they could relate to the character’s passion for music.

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