Book Review: Hawkeye: Bishop Takes King Is a Fun Marvel Murder Mystery

In Hawkeye: Bishop Takes King, readers catch up with relatable Kate Bishop, who, despite being a sort of superhero, can’t seem to keep food in her fridge. Kate Bishop first showed up in the Young Avengers comics as a sassy teenager who was a major fangirl of the Avenger Hawkeye, Clint Barton. Even though she had zero training at the start, Kate quickly leveled up her archery and fighting skills to become a strong heroine.

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In Bishop Takes King, Kate becomes embroiled in a murder mystery. When a robbery happens in front of her she quickly steps in to stop the crime. After accidentally swapping bags with the victim (a very cute boy named Milo) Kate realizes that she has his bag with a book that lots of people including the formidable Wilson Fisk also known as Kingpin would like to have.

The story takes place all over New York City with some familiar faces popping up in the story and Kate connecting with a group of video-playing kids. She also falls into a little romance after connecting with Milo and banters with Clint similar to how she does in the Hawkeye series.

What I love about Hawkeye: Bishop Takes King by Ashley Poston is that you get to see Kate’s humor and empathy. Sure, she’s sort of a mess at adulting but when it comes to protecting the public, Kate takes her duties very seriously. Readers will also get to read about an intriguing cast of supporting characters, including America Chavez, Clint Barton, and Kamala Khan. America Chavez is Kate’s complete opposite with her sensibility and neat house and I was happy to see her pop up in this book.

Bishop Takes King is a solid novel but I should caution readers may be confused or lost if they don’t know anything about the Young Avengers, Hawkeye, or Wilson Fisk. Wilson Fisk is one of the most evil and formidable villains in the MCU and the second he comes onto the scene I knew the danger was going to get real. At the least brush up on the Marvel Wikipedia or watch Hawkeye on Disney Plus, but know that Kate’s background story is much different in the television show than the original comics.

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