Book Review: Mira Royal Detective Books!

MiraRoyal Detective is an Indian-American CGI-animated mystery children’s television series produced by Wild Canary Animation, which is inspired by Indian culture and customs.  Disney Books generously sent us some Mira, Royal Detective books to review and we are so very happy to learn more about this little detective! In addition, DISNEY JUNIOR is premiering new episodes of Mira Royal Detective, details are below!

Mira Royal Detective books

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Before Mira became the first young girl to be Royal Detective of Jalpur, she was just a townsperson with an eye for detail who liked helping her friends. Mira uses all her senses-eyes, ears, and sometimes nose!-to find clues that others might have missed.

One day, Queen Shanti happened to observe Mira find a missing baby goat, and she was so impressed that she appointed Mira to be Royal Detective. With her new detective coat and magnifying glass, Mira has the tools and the skills to help people all over Jalpur. Mira is on the case! Written by Becca Topol and Illustrated by Parvati Pillai.


The New Royal Detective is the origin story of how Mira got her position of Royal Detective. After assisting her friend Pinky with finding her missing goat, Mira is invited to become the Royal Detective by Queen Shanti of Jalpur.

 The New Royal Detective has lovely illustrations and each page has a highlighted descriptive word or idea in red. There are some words that may be tough for beginner readers to comprehend like mongoose and samosas but I was able to look them up to show my daughter what they were. As one of the first Indian characters introduced by Disney, I like how the character costumes resemble real saris. The New Royal Detective is definitely a book for children who love mysteries and Disney Princesses.

Undercover Princess

To solve her next case, Mira has to go undercover . . . as a princess! 
Queen Shanti has an important case for the newest Royal Detective of Jalpur: there’s a rumor that jewel thieves are planning to steal the Gem of Jalpur at a royal ball. To solve this case, the queen asks Mira to go undercover at the party-as a princess! 
After learning the ins and outs of royal life from her friend, Prince Neel, Mira trades in her detective coat for a princess disguise. But not even a fancy party will distract Mira from solving this case! This 8×8 storybook comes with stickers for even more fun with Mira and her friends. Adapted by Sasha Paladino.


In Undercover Princess, Mira is tasked with going undercover to a royal ball to track down who is threatening to steal the Gem of Jalpur. Mira dresses up as a princess and takes a few quick lessons to find who wants to steal the valuable gem. What sets Undercover Princess apart is the beautiful and vibrant illustrations! There are so many extra details in these Mira Royal Detective books most notably in the character costumes and the background of the ball itself! These details make for good opportunities to ask younger readers to discuss some of the things they see!

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