Book Review: Polar Nights Cast Into Darkness

Returning to Arendelle always feels like a fun adventure. Read on for a spoiler-free review of Polar Nights Cast Into Darkness by Jen Calonita and Mari Mancusi!

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Set a few months after Frozen 2, Anna is busy with her Polar Nights Celebration duties as Queen of Arendelle, and Elsa is exploring the Enchanted Forest and beyond.  The sisters along with trusty friends Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, and Bruni are on a camping trip in the Enchanted Forest.  The group takes turns telling spooky stories with Kristof’s story of two sisters Inger and Sissel being the scariest.  The two sisters argued with one pushing the other into a river where she drowns.  The remaining sister is arrested and put on a prison ship that sinks shortly after leaving Arendelle.

The same night that Kristoff shares this story, strange things begin to happen in Arendelle.  Townfolk prepping for the Polar Nights Celebration begin to lose their memory.  Literal darkness settles over Arendelle with black clouds and storms settling over the small kingdom.  Soon a creepy ghostlike figure called a draugr begins to haunt the area and Anna and Elsa investigate a long-held mystery in order to free Arendelle from its curse.

Polar Nights Cast Into Darkness feels like checking in on some old friends.  Everything about it made me smile, from the familiar names making appearances to the evolving friendship between the two sisters.  Remember, Anna and Elsa still are learning about each other as sisters and equals so in addition to them teaming up to solve a mystery, they are also still learning how to trust each other. 

Polar Nights Cast Into Darkness is written by two authors Jen Calonita and Mari Mancusi, but the chapters flow effortlessly with one voice. It’s important to note that Polar Nights Cast Into Darkness is for younger readers that are ready for longer chapters.  There are a few scary parts specifically when the sisters face off against what could be described as an angry and determined ghost.  Still, these scenes add to the darker vibe of this novel which balances action with much-needed humor from Kristoff and Olaf.  

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