Book Review: Realm of Wonders by Alexandra Monir

In Alexandra Monir’s exciting novel, “Realm of Wonders,” readers are thrust into a world of intrigue and danger as Princess Jasmine experiences the mysterious death of her father, the beloved Sultan of Agrabah. Forced to defend her right to the throne, Jasmine must cast aside her sheltered upbringing and embrace her destiny as the rightful Sultana. Armed only with her sharp wit, unwavering courage, and her beloved Aladdin, she participates in a competition to reclaim her birthright. Monir weaves a captivating tale that seamlessly blends thrilling adventure with the alluring mystery of ancient magic. Read on for a spoiler-free review of “Realm of Wonders” by Alexandra Monir.

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Realm of Wonders Book Review

Fresh off of defeating Jafar, Princess Jasmine is thrown when her beloved father, the Sultan of Agrabah passes away unexpededly. Determined to hold onto her crown, become Sultana, and take care of the residents of Agrabah, Jasmine prepares to ascend to the crown with Aladdin by her side when a mysterious stranger arrives at the castle, claiming to be the real heir to the throne.

Jasmine’s advisors encourage her to fight for her crown by participating in a competition with assistance from the Queen’s Council. Jasmine works to create her team and has to maneuver throughout the realm making sure she makes decisions that benefit the people of Agrabah but that may come at the expense of her fixture with Aladdin.

Realm of Wonders” by Alexandra Monir is a truly captivating story with a twist on the classic tale of Aladdin. I enjoyed how Princess Jasmine was portrayed in this book and the lush descriptions of the Agrabah palace match the little of what we got to see in both the animated and live-action versions of Aladdin. I also thought the way that Jafar’s influence on Jasmine’s enemies was realistic because it wouldn’t have made sense if Jon remembered that Jafar almost seized control of the palace. I thought the reveal of his loyal followers was nicely done.

Realm of Wonders” is a surprisingly satisfying read that blends the thrill of adventure with the allure of mysticism. Princess Jasmine is a captivating protagonist, proving that intelligence and resilience are far greater weapons than any blade. The story is expertly paced, keeping readers engaged until the very last page. This is a must-read for fans of strong female characters, epic fantasy, and Disney tales where good triumphs over evil.

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