Book Review: Star Wars Galactic Storybook!

If you are a Star Wars fan with kids have you ever struggled with introducing the Star Wars universe to them? Maybe they are too young for the actual movies but are showing interest in the characters. Star Wars Galactic Storybook is made with these children in mind featuring whimsical illustrations and a simplified summary of the main Star Wars Skywalker saga. Here is a full review of Star Wars Galactic Storybook!

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Star Wars Galactic Storybook review

Relive the Skywalker Saga with adorable and hilarious artwork from Katie Cook!
This padded treasury retells the exciting events of the Skywalker Saga alongside full-color, exciting and humorous illustrations by fan favorite artist Katie Cook. You’ll never see the films in quite the same way again! This is a beautiful and unique compilation for kids and adult fans alike. Perfect for reading to kids before bed or reading on your own anytime!

Reading age : 5 – 8 years


Katie Cook is an illustrator and writer who has been creating work for Star Wars professionally for almost a decade, and unprofessionally with crayons since the mid-1980’s. She lives in Michigan with her husband, her daughters and lots of Star Wars toys. . . er, collectibles.


Star Wars Galactic Storybook by Disney Books is the latest offering that serves to primarily introduce young readers to the Star Wars franchise. Charming illustrations by Katie Cook portray some of the most famous Star Wars characters (Anakin, Obi-Wan, Luke, Leia, Vader and Rey) with a simplified plot that summarizes the main Star Wars Skywalker saga.

star wars galactic storybook

As readers make their way through the short chapters, some of the biggest events in Star Wars are detailed including Luke training with Yoda and Rey battling Ben Solo. My personal favorite illustration was the one with Luke and Yoda, which was very reminiscent of the book A Jedi You Will Be. For Ewok fans, they also make a brief appearance which always is a great excuse to bring out the Ewok movies!I do wish that the story wasn’t so simplified but realize that for the age group lots of aspects of the movies had to be left out.

This book is a padded board book which makes it durable for tiny hands and the pages are a thick card stock which makes them hard to rip. As I was writing this review, I realized that Star Wars Galactic Storybook is ultimately the story of friendship and working against dark forces. We’ve used it as a bedtime option, reading a few pages each night and it’s a great primer to the entire Star Wars universe.

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