Book Review: The Rise of Flynn Rider

In this house, we are huge fans of Flynn Rider aka EUUUGENE!  He’s silly, loyal and makes for a great partner to Rapunzel. Read on for a book review of Lost Legends: The Rise of Flynn Rider.

rise of flynn rider book review

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Before he was the dashing Flynn Rider, Eugene Fitzherbert was in an orphanage wondering if he’d ever find his parents.  Even though he has a strong connection to the other orphans at Miss Claire’s orphanage, he wants adventure and to see the world.  So when a circus comes to the Kingdom of Corona, Eugene changes his name to Flynn Rider and joins up- hoping to get some news about his parents. 

Joined by best friend Arnie, Eugene finds himself working for the Baron, a con artist who uses the circus as a front to steal from people who visit the circus.  When the Baron sets his sights on a special prize related to the missing princess, Eugene and Arnie must concoct a plan to thwart the Baron’s plan even if it puts them in danger!

In Lost Legends: The Rise of Flynn Rider, author Jen Calonita spins a fun adventure starting off with revealing some interesting news about Eugene- basically that he descends from royalty! This book has action, a fun scene with Rapunzel’s parents and fits perfectly in Flynn’s not-so-smoldering personality.

I like the different view of Corona Lost Legends: The Rise of Flynn Rider brings, a kingdom still reeling from a lost princess and one that is focuses on the role of taxation of its people.  You see, Eugene initially joins up with the circus to earn money to help Miss Claire and the orphanage stay afloat.  The evil tax collector is waiting for his payment and threatens Miss Claire with a shutdown which would leave the orphans without a home.  

This book is so entertaining and is a great origin story that uses recognizable places and specific “Tangled” lore to give Eugene an exciting adventure as a tween. Readers who enjoy the Tangled series will spot some familiar characters but Lost Legends: The Rise of Flynn Rider is also a great stand-alone story that opens up the Kingdom of Corona to new fans.

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