Book Review: The Winter Soldier: Cold Front

“The Winter Soldier: Cold Front” by Mackenzi Lee is an exciting addition to the Marvel Comics Universe (MCU) that offers a compelling exploration of Bucky Barnes’ past. The story begins with Bucky’s desire to join the Army despite being dissuaded by his guardian, an Army officer. Instead of joining the Army right away, Bucky is recruited to a training program in Britain and finds himself in what seems like a spy movie with Imogen, a girl his own age.

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They quickly find themselves on the run and desperate to understand all the moving parts and people putting them in danger. Interspersed in the story is Bucky’s life post-Army after being kidnapped by the evil Hydra organization and his subsequent transformation into the infamous Winter Soldier.

Lee expertly fills in the blanks of Bucky’s life, shedding light on his struggles and hardships during his time as HYDRA’s weapon. The author delves deep into Bucky’s psyche and emotions, painting a vivid picture of a man who is torn between his loyalty to Hydra and his sense of duty to do what is right. As Agent V, also known as the Winter Soldier, Bucky knows things aren’t quite right. One mission goes awry when his target recognizes him as the American Bucky Barnes and Bucky can’t shake the feeling that everyone knows about his past except for himself.

The narrative is well-paced and engaging, with plenty of action and suspense to keep readers on the edge of their seats. The HYDRA villains may be villains in our eyes, but to Bucky, they are his comrades in war. This aspect of the storytelling makes the ending all that more heartbreaking.

Overall, “The Winter Soldier: Cold Front” is a must-read for fans of the MCU, particularly those who are interested in the backstory of one of its most polarizing characters. Lee’s excellent storytelling and attention to detail make this a standout addition to the Winter Soldier’s canon.

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