Book Review: Gabi Snyder’s Today Gently Explains Mindfulness for Children

In Gabi Snyder’s Today, a child learns about patience and mindfulness while anticipating a fun summer vacation. Today starts with the child dreaming of their summer vacation. Time seems to pass so slowly whether it’s waiting days, hours, or minutes until he can leave his home to meet up with his cousins for a fun family vacation.

gabi snyder's Today
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Today gently reminds children that things may go wrong, for instance, the child gets stung by a wasp once he reaches his beloved lake house but those feelings of pain are soon replaced by root beer foam and watching fireflies with his family. Today goes through all the activities the child can experience with friends and family and encourages all children to try to be in the moment of taking in all the things that bring joy like blueberry crisp, lounging with Pop-Pop’s cat, or just sitting still remembering all the best parts of a vacation.

Gabi Snyder’s Today is a very comforting book about paying attention to what is happening at the moment. It reminds children that anticipating things like vacations can be tough but that it’s important to appreciate the moment. I loved that the end of the book gives tips for kids who are anxious or worried. The author reminds them that the power of deep breathing and stillness can help assuage that anxiety. Revisiting a memory of a loved one or a favorite vacation can also help those feelings of worry.

Illustrator Stephanie Graegin beautifully captures the joy and comfort of summer vacation with lots of greens and teals to depict a lovely lakeside cottage. Her characters are diverse, with various shades of browns and beiges to create a happy family spending the summer together.

Today is a beautiful reminder to stay in the moment and is a great teaching tool for young readers who want to learn more about mindfulness.

Today releases in January 2024.

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