Catch These Three Pixar Favorites on the Big Screen!

Now you can immerse yourself in the magic and catch Disney and Pixar’s “Soul,” “Turning Red,” and “Luca” on the big screen! Each movie will be released in theaters nationwide for a limited time. Read on for some more details about each movie and just why Disney is releasing these movies in theaters.

Why are these being released in theaters?

While each of these movies were originally released on Disney+ during the pandemic, they are being released in theaters leading up to the release of Inside Out 2. Disney hopes are people can experience these Pixar movies the way they were meant to be seen; on the big screen.

Each movie will also be accompanied by a different Pixar animated short. I think it’s a fun idea to get to see these movies in theaters and makes a great family friendly activity. You can check out the preview below:

Official Trailer Courtesy of Disney

Soul is now out in theaters!

First releasing is Soul, which as of the date of this post, is out in theaters. Soul is about a middle school band teacher, named Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx), who gets the chance of a lifetime to play at a jazz club in town. Unfortunately, Joe is taken from his hometown of New York City to The Great Before (a place where new souls get their personalities, interests, and more before they go to earth). In the Great Before, Joe meets 22 (Tina Fey). 22 is a soul that has no interest in experiencing human life. Joe is determined to return to his life, and teams up with 22 to get back to his life and show 22 what is great about living.

Turning Red Opens February 9, 2024

Next releasing in February, is Turning Red. In Turning Red, Meilin Lee (Rosalie Chang) is a teenager who finds herself butting heads with her Cantonese mother Ming (Sandra Oh.)  Mei feels the weight of expectations of perfect grades on her shoulders but soon finds her interests changing.  Instead of only schoolwork and the flute, her new interests include the most popular boy band “4 Town” plus burgeoning crushes on a boy that works in a local bodega. 

Big emotions combined with hormones make Mei change into a huge red panda causing absolute chaos in her school life and home life.  You can read more of our review of Turning Red here.

Luca Releases March 22, 2024

Finally in March, don’t miss your chance to see Luca. Luca is a coming of age story about a young boy, Luca (voice of Jacob Tremblay) experiencing a summer filled with pasta, scooter rides, and gelato. Along with his newfound best friend Alberto (voice of Jack Dylan Grazer), they discover that their summer is threatened by a secret: they are sea monsters from another world just below the water’s surface.

You can buy tickets for the above movies anywhere they are sold! Hope you are able to catch Disney and Pixar’s “Soul,” “Turning Red,” and “Luca” on the big screen!

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