Disney Book Review: Once Upon a Flower Girl

Serving as a bridesmaid seems to be a right of passage these days! I remember I was 8 the first time I was a flower girl when my mom and stepdad married and it was a fun experience. Disney Books is releasing the cutest book to help encourage young flower girls who might be nervous about their duties. Read on for a review of Once Upon a Flower Girl, a new book release from Disney!

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Join Tiana, Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, and Rapunzel as you discover everything you need to know about being a flower girl! From accepting the royal responsibility of the role, to twirling the night away like a princess on the dance floor, you will learn about everything that awaits as you prepare for your own flower girl fairy tale!

Once Upon a FLOWER GIRL Review

Being a flower girl is an adorable rite of passage and Disney is releasing a fun and encouraging book for those that might be nervous about their wedding responsibilities. Once Upon A Flower Girl written by Marie Chow and illustrated by Zoe Persico, is a delightful inclusive book that revisits each Disney Princess on their wedding day! The scenes are a modern view of the weddings of Briar Rose, Snow White, Ariel, Tiana, and Rapunzel as seen through the eyes of several flower girls.

Book Review Once Upon a Flower Girl

Once Upon a Flower Girl is a wonderful little book that encourages and gives to flower girls that might be a bit nervous for the big day. This reminds the readers that being a successful flower girl is about being yourself and being confident that you can complete the task ahead of you.

Most importantly, Disney Books’ Once Upon a Flower Girl is very inclusive. I appreciated that the characters learning how to be a flower girl were diverse! The illustrator uses lots of shades of brown for the character’s skin tones in addition to including a wheelchair-bound child and a gender-neutral child. I also spotted a same-sex couple towards the end of the book, a nod to kids who have same-sex parents. This timely book would be perfect as a gift for a soon-to-be wedding participant or even for any Disney fans that want to see their favorite Disney Princess get married!

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