Disney Plus Review: Polar Bear Is a Thrilling Look at Survival in the Arctic!

Disneynature has been one of the most pleasant discoveries on Disney Plus since we signed up! the Disneynature films helped when we were on quarantine and needed educational recourses for the kids. More often than not, I find them curled up under blankets, rewatching animal documentaries. Read on for a review of Polar Bear, a new documentary streaming on Disney Plus!

Polar Bear review

Polar Bear Review

Using powerful camera and drones, the filmmakers of Polar Bear give viewers an intimate look of the solitary life of Polar Bears. Viewers are introduced to a Mama Bear and her two cubs as they learn to hunt and survive some intensely brutal winters.

I wasn’t quite prepared for how intense this documentary was. Watching the bears hunt to survive and engages in basically a cat-and-mouse game was suspenseful. 

There are also a few tragic moments like the death of a bear due to the severe cold and a baby walrus hunted by the starving bears, so I encourage parents to view the film before younger children.

There are some lighthearted moments in this film but there is also a sense of foreboding. The ice bears are in a race against time to survive before their ice shelf completely disappears. Evidence of global warming in Polar Bear is overwhelming, from the melting ice, the muddy shores and the lack of prey in the ice bears vicinity.

Still, the visuals of the aurora borealis and some of the dynamic shots over the bears swimming in open water are stunning and this may be one of my favorite Disneynature films yet.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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