Donald Duck is Back in “D.I.Y. Duck”

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! In honor of Donald Duck’s 90th birthday, an all new animated short, called “D.I.Y. Duck” featuring Donald Duck just premiered on June 9th. “D.I.Y. Duck” is a hand-drawn short from Disney Legend Mark Henn, and what is extra exciting is this short marks Donald’s first standalone staring role since 1961! Chasing Pixies had the chance to preview this short. Read on for our review of D.I.Y. Duck!

DIY Donald Duck Poster
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In “D.I.Y. Duck,” Donald tries his hand at a series of home repairs, which all begin with the replacement of a burned out light bulb. In true Donald fashion, it quickly turns into a series of comic catastrophes.

Donald Duck Repairing a Window
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“D.I.Y. Duck” is tons of fun! This short is very nostalgic of old Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck shorts that we all grew up loving to watch. The short is only three minutes, and those three minutes flew by! The story was great, and it was extremely entertaining to watch Donald Duck try to tackle a bunch of home repair projects (including many trips to the home improvement store).

Donald Duck heading to the DIY Hardware Store
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We loved this short, and I am really hoping for more shorts to watch featuring Donald Duck. He’s a very enjoyable character and placing him into situations like the antics in this short, works extremely well.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the short, you definitely need to! The short is available now on Disney+, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ YouTube, Disney Channel, and Freeform.

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