Graphic Novel Review: Courage to Dream

Graphic novels have become an increasingly popular medium for storytelling, especially among tweens who are drawn to their vibrant illustrations and engrossing plots. In this review, we’ll dive into “Courage to Dream”, a unique graphic novel with an imaginative plot and stunning artwork. 

courage to dream graphic novel book cover showing young man looking out a window

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Courage to Dream,” a graphic novel by National Book Award winner Neal Shusterman and illustrator Andrés Vera Martínez, which puts readers in the midst of the Holocaust. Through surreal imagery and themes of heroism and hope, it confronts the devastating reality of facing the loss of everything cherished. Drawing from Jewish folklore and cultural history, the narrative gives readers five interconnected stories that celebrate themes of resistance and resilience.

Shusterman and Vera Martínez’s collaboration “Courage to Dream” delivers poignant stories that inspire empathy and courage in pursuing one’s dreams against all odds. The stories within “Courage to Dream” are accompanied by intricate illustrations that beautifully enhance the stories, making it a visually interest read especially for tweens. Each story delves into different aspects of courage and resistance, showcasing heroes who don’t succumb to despair and stand up for what is right.

Suitable for readers aged 12 and up, the book presents folklore such as Baba Yaga, the Golem from Jewish storytelling, and figures like Moses from the Bible. Overall, “Courage to Dream” is a compelling read that educates, inspires, and honors the resilience of the human spirit.

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