Graphic Novel Review: Green Arrow Stranded

DC has gifted us a new Green Arrow graphic novel in 2022! Oliver Queen finds himself stranded on a deserted island, in a desperate struggle to survive. Read for a full review of the graphic novel Green Arrow: Stranded!

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In Brendan Deneen’s graphic novel, Green Arrow: Stranded, 13-year-old Oliver Queen and his father along with his father’s friend and son Tyler finish up a hunting trip. Oliver is distracted as his parents have been fighting more and more and he suspects a divorce is looming.

Right as Oliver gets the courage to discuss it with his father, they barely survive a catastrophic event. After a massive plane crash, Oliver finds his father who is badly hurt and unable to walk. Armed with a crude bow and arrow he made, Oliver feels uneasy about survival but knows that water and food are necessary for he and his dad to survive. Will Oliver do the scary but necessary things to survive until help arrives?

The illustrations in Green Arrow: Stranded are by Bell Hosalla and they are sketches with lots of greens and brown depicting the hostile nature of the island. Hosalla’s feral boars on the island are terrifying and play nicely into Oliver’s reluctance to take a life.

Stranded is targeted to grade school children so the plot is very easy to follow and children may be interested in how Oliver handles the conflict with Tyler. Stranded is a suspenseful and entertaining tale introducing children to the Green Arrow superhero universe!

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