I AM GROOT Season 2 Review

Baby Groot burst onto the scenes in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and instantly won over audiences with his adorable nature. Disney Plus has expanded on the Marvel universe by giving us gems like WandaVision and Werewolf by Night and now in the I Am Groot shorts.  The shorts are a collection of 3-5 minute mini-movies showing Groot in different situations. Read on for a spoiler-free review of I Am Groot Season 2 streaming on Disney Plus.

Groot season 2 Disney Plus
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Disney Plus provided a screener to review. All thoughts and opinions my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

In the short “Are You My Groot”, Baby Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel) gets a taste of parenthood when he “adopts” a little bird on a new planet.  They two play and get to know each other with Groot lovingly taking care of his new friend.  But chaos ensues when the bird starts doing baby activities like running away and going to the bathroom everywhere. 

In “Groot Noses Around,” Groot finds a bionic nose that he affixes to his face.  He relishes all the new scents like candles and delicious food. Everything is great until he goes into his own dirty room and the foul smells overwhelm him.  Groot has to make a decision, keep his bionic nose or get rid of it and remain comfortable in his smelly room?

With several easter eggs (see if you can spot the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 fake leg in one of the episodes) I Am Groot Season 2 is a fun Disney Plus series that pulls baby Groot into lots of silly situations. His childlike innocence allows him to get away with mischief, while his attempts to help the Guardians show his good heart.  These shorts show Groot’s simplified vocabulary consisting only of “I am Groot” which makes him endearing.  

Despite only saying three words throughout the series, the animation shows root emoting through smiles or frowns, and his little body sags when he is frustrated or mad. Viewers are shown planets where we can assume the Guardians are completing missions.  Some of these planets are winter-themed like in “Groot’s Snow Day” but in “Are You My Groot” the environment is a colorful forest that is similar to the Season 1 “I Am Groot” episode, “Groot Takes a Bath.”

The “I Am Groot” animated series on Disney Plus is perfect for Marvel fans of all ages who want to see more about their favorite talking tree. Kids will love the cute baby Groot’s antics and adventures, while adults will appreciate references to the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. The lighthearted, humorous tone makes it fun for the whole family.

Anyone who enjoyed Groot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films and wants to spend more time in his strange little world should check out I Am Groot Vol 2. Its short episodes are easy to watch and feature the adorable sentient tree getting into trouble across the galaxy.

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