If the Shoe Fits: A Meant to be Novel Book Review

The classic Cinderella story has been done time and again so I wasn’t sure what to expect with If the Shoe Fits: A Meant to be Novel. Thankfully this is a refreshing take on the old tale, with a relatable main character and some juicy behind-the-scenes info on how the Bachelor-type shows are filmed! Read on for a review of If the Shoe Fits: A Meant to be Novel by Julie Murphy.

If the Shoe Fits: A Meant to be Novel review

With a shiny new design degree but no job in sight, Cindy moves back in with her stepmother, Erica Tremaine, the executive producer of the world’s biggest dating reality show. When a contestant on Before Midnight bows out at the last minute, Cindy is thrust into the spotlight. Showcasing her killer shoe collection on network TV seems like a great way to jump-start her career. And, while she’s at it, why not go on a few lavish dates with an eligible suitor?

But being the first and only fat contestant on Before Midnight turns her into a viral sensation—and a body-positivity icon—overnight. Even harder to believe? She can actually see herself falling for this Prince Charming. To make it to the end, despite the fans, the haters, and a house full of fellow contestants she’s not sure she can trust, Cindy will have to take a leap of faith and hope her heels— and her heart—don’t break in the process.

If the Shoe Fits: A Meant to be Novel review

Cindy is a plus-size amateur shoe designer moving back to Los Angeles and into her stepmother’s home. Her stepmother, Erica Tremaine, runs a popular show called Before Midnight, which is a play on the show The Bachelor. Shortly after Cindy returns to Los Angeles, she is convinced by her stepmother and stepsisters to join the show along with them, keeping the relationship a secret from the audience. Feeling stuck, Cindy jumps into the new adventure and realizes that the suitor Henry, is the same exact man she had a flirtatious plane trip with.

Cut off from the rest of the world, Cindy gets an eye-opening look into what makes the show work plus the orchestrated drama. She has to navigate hiding her relationship with two other contestants (her stepsisters!) while falling hard for Henry.

This book is a fun take on the classic Cinderella story and I loved that the villains weren’t the Tremaine’s! In fact, Cindy step mother and step sisters are supportive and friendly only wanting the best for Cindy. Having the setting be a reality show was a juicy way to add in some drama rather than pitting all the female characters against each other. And the characters themselves are diverse and eclectic, which this reader definitely appreciates.

If the Shoe Fits: A Meant to be Novel is a fun and entertaining romance novel with some fun Cinderella references throughout.

Rating: 3.5/5

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