Movie Review: The Curse of Bridge Hollow

n Netflix’s The Curse of Bridge Hallow, the Gordon family moves into an older house in a small town.  Rumors have swirled for years that their house is haunted but Howard Gordon (Marlon Wayans) doesn’t like celebrating or decorating for Halloween, so naturally, he is skeptical.  His daughter Sydney (Priah Ferguson) is immediately bored with the town but unknowingly releases an evil spirit who makes all of the town’s Halloween decorations come to life.  Father and daughter work together to undo the curse as the Halloween decorations like skeletons, spiders and pumpkins come to life.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow. (L to R) Priah Ferguson as Sydney, Marlon Wayans as Howard in The Curse of Bridge Hollow. Cr. Frank Masi/Netflix © 2022.

The interesting thing about The Curse of Bridge Hollow is that introduces kids to horror without being gruesome.  There are some jump scares but nothing too crazy and I think kids ages 12 and up will enjoy the film.  There are some laughs especially when it comes to the town’s eccentric citizens many of which are just dorky versions of characters you’ve seen in Hallmark movies.

Marlon Wayans does the heavy lifting in the film with the physical comedy and often he comes off as that classic embarrassing Dad who doesn’t listen until the very last moment.  Typical tropes are used to set the tone of spookiness in the town like the cemetery scene but even that isn’t too scary as it could be.

Kelly Rowland is underutilized as a vegan-obsessed mom who disappears mid-movie while her husband and child are running through the town getting chased by zombies.  

Because there seems to be a lack of tween Halloween films, The Curse of Bridge Hollow fills that hole, especially on Netflix.  That said, there isn’t anything wrong with The Curse of Bridge Hollow, it just falls flat especially when there are better family-friendly Halloween movies to watch.  

Rating 3/5

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