Movie review: The Princess Streaming on Hulu

What happens when a Princess who is skilled at sword combat gets held hostage in her own castle? Violence, chaos, and flying red hair! Read on for a review of The Princess, streaming on Hulu.

princess hulu review

Screener was provided by Disney, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Joey King stars as ‘The Princess’ who wakes up to find herself chained to her bed. She seems to be wearing a wedding dress but before the viewer gets a chance to get their bearings in the film, the Princess fights off two captors and dispatches their bloodied bodies on the ground before grabbing some weapons and storming her castle.

It turns out her betrothed is actually a power-hungry villain Julius (Dominic Cooper) and the Princess fights her way out of the castle trying to find her family and figure out how she wound up drugged and chained to a bed.  

Listen, the idea of a movie that turns the whole princess trope on its head isn’t a new or original idea. The best thing about The Princess is that it doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not. The Princess is a swashbuckling tale of a woman seeking out her family and taking out anyone that gets in her way. Her training allows her to defeat men twice her size, so it’s ridiculously fun seeing Joey King slash and attack wither her fiery red hair whipping around.

While The Princess is fun and action-packed, we don’t get much of a back story or even the name of the Princess.  There isn’t much substance to the movie except for fight scenes and a villain who sneers so much he borders on comical.

Rating: 3/5

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