Movie Review: WISH Will Make You Want to Wish on a Star

Disney is celebrating their 100th anniversary so it feels quite fitting that it released a film about a young heroine wishing upon a star. Read on for a spoiler-free review of Wish starring Ariana DeBose and Chris Pine.

Wish review and film poster showing goat and teenage girl reaching for the stars
Image provided by Walt Disney Studios

Chasing Pixies was invited to screen this film. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

In Wish, A power sorcerer King Magnifico (Chris Pine) creates the Kingdom of Rosas where everyone is welcome but they must give up their most cherished wish.  Magnifico collects the wishes in floating bubbles and occasionally the King gifts them back to a member of the kingdom. When residents live without their wish, they live a seemingly unbothered life.

Teenage Asha (Ariana DeBose) applies to be the King’s new apprentice and despite being impressed but all the wishes, she does question why he holds onto the wishes.  The King doesn’t take lightly to being questioned and he morphs into a dictator who banishes anyone who questions his methods.  

Frustrated Asha makes her own wish upon a star and her wish releases the cutest character to come out of Disney in a minute; Star. Star can wield magic and Asha’s baby goat Valentino (Alan Tudyk) begins to talk and a lot of his jokes mention the word “butt.”

The songs were made for the voice of Ariana DeBose.  Her voice is strong, lifting songs that wouldn’t be as powerful with another singer.  Chris Pine’s voice is clearly not as strong but he doesn’t sound bad, but during the duet between Magnifico and Asha, his weaker voice is very obvious.  I did leave the theater thinking that Disney has given us a proper villain, one that is self-centered but ultimately bested by some fierce female minds.

The animation in Wish is interesting in that while the style matches that of Tangled and Frozen movies, the background of the majority of the scenes looks like oil paintings.  The background has a more muted color palette making the characters, especially Star stand out more.  In addition, the entire movie feels like it takes place in the Frozen world, with similar costumes and characters that could literally be the cousin of Kristoff.  I fully expected Anna and Elsa to pop out since the characters look like they could all be part of Northuldra or Arendelle.

The supporting characters are diverse and they even show a disabled character who is King Magnifico’s baker and Asha’s best friend. I really loved the look of the kingdom which again, reminded me of Arendelle with a magnificent tall castle on a hill.

Without spoiling some pretty important aspects of this film, I want to say that it is FILLED with Easter eggs.  This delightful film gives us classic Disney sayings and both modern and classic characters that pop up randomly in the film. Wish is a movie that feels like it wanted to obviously celebrate Disney’s 100th-year celebration.

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