One and Only Ivan Book Review

Need a new book that captures the essence of a new friendship? Then “The One and Only Ivan: How to Draw a Story” is for your kids!

one and only ivan book

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Ivan is a gorilla in captivity. Life wasn’t always that way, but he has trouble remembering a time when he wasn’t living in a shopping mall. In his cage, he draws with crayons and paper, gifted to him by his human friend. There is no doubt that Ivan is special. And he’s always been the star of the show. Until the day a little elephant named Ruby enters his world and shows him the significance of the place we call home.

Based on a true story, The One and Only Ivan: Draw Me a Story is a beautifully illustrated picture book that tells the sweet story of Ruby and Ivan. A tale of friendship, courage, and creativity.

One and Only Ivan Draw Me a Story Book Review

If you’ve been following my book reviews then you know we adore Disney Picture books because of their illustrations.  Every book is unique but the common theme has typical Disney characters but presented in a fun whimsical way.  This book is no different, the illustrations are beautiful with a touch of childlike inspiration especially the illustrations of Ivan dreaming.

One other thing I noticed and had the chance to discuss with my daughter is that Ivan is in captivity and the book doesn’t shy away from that.  One page depicts Ivan and Ruby separated by bars but also shows Ivan passing Ruby a silver crayon through the bars.

What we took away was that everyone can make the best out of a situation they aren’t in control of.  For instance, Ivan is in captivity but he takes Ruby under his wind and they develop a beautiful friendship.  He’s made the best out of his situation even though it’s not ideal.  Ivan takes the opportunity to introduce a new friend to the world around them and honestly, it’s such a heartwarming aspect of the story.  

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