Picture Book Review: You’re a Star, Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Dean Robbins

Step into the world of Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Dean Robbins’ adorable book, “You’re a Star, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” Read on for our thoughts on this picture book that is a great choice to read during Jewish American History Month.

Dean Robbins’ “You’re a Star, Ruth Bader Ginsburg” presents the iconic Supreme Court Justice in a fresh and engaging way, combining first-person storytelling, brightly colored comic illustrations, and important information. This book, the inaugural title in the new nonfiction series “You Are a Star,” introduces young readers to the life and achievements of RBG, one of the few women to serve on the Supreme Court.

you're a star ruth bader ginsburg book cover showing RBG walking up steps holding a briefcase and books

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Robbins puts together an engaging story and visuals to capture the essence of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s inspiring journey. The book describes RBG’s commitment to her education and highlights the important role her family played in her education and life.

The brightly colored comic illustrations by Sarah Green will keep young reads engaged about Ginsburg’s life and journey to the Supreme Court. These illustrations not only capture the most important moments of her life but also makes the content appealing to young readers.

As an educational resource, “You’re a Star, Ruth Bader Ginsburg” includes a timeline of Ginsburg’s life, allowing readers to follow her journey chronologically. The handy glossary at the end of the book explains key terms used throughout the story, ensuring that young readers can fully grasp the significance of Ginsburg’s work and legacy.

You’re a Star, Ruth Bader Ginsburg” is a great book for readers to dive into for Jewish American Heritage Month and should be a book that little hands reach for on a regular basis.

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