Podcast Review: Disney Frozen – Forces of Nature

Just in time for the 10th anniversary of Disney’s Frozen, Disney Publishing Worldwide and ABC Audio have created a podcast called Disney Frozen: Forces of Nature, which takes the characters we know and love (along with some new friends) on an adventure. The idea of a new adventure with Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff is very exciting, and makes for an enjoyable listening experience for any Frozen fan.

Frozen Podcast Cover Photo of Anna and Elsa
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What is the Forces of Nature podcast about?

The podcast is broken down into twelve episodes, and mainly revolves around the new character of Queen Disa, with Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf as supporting characters. Without giving away spoilers, the characters work to solve the mystery of mysterious inventions, called the automatons, in the Enchanted Forest. In each episode, the listener also learns a few basic science facts about different topics, such as how windmills work or how cold water can be in a fun way.

What did Chasing Pixies think?

Overall, the podcast is very reminiscent of an audiobook and it’s a great format especially for kids who enjoy listening to stories. It is ideally aimed toward younger kids (under 12) and older kids and teens may lose interest in the story. In my opinion, it’s a cute story, but doesn’t have tons of replay ability. The story is also a little disjointed. Side stories involving Olaf, Kristoff, and a new character named Lord Wolfgang, involve conversations around Kristoff becoming a leader, and even opera. It doesn’t help move the main story along, and instead makes the main story a little hard to follow.

Also, the podcast doesn’t include the original cast of the Frozen movies. The new voice actors do a good job, and it’s hard to tell with some characters that it’s not the original actor. Some of the new voices (especially Anna and Elsa) were pretty noticeable at first, but after you keep listening, you get use to the new voices.

In general, Disney Frozen: Forces of Nature podcast is a cute story and would be great for young Frozen fans to enjoy while waiting for the release of Frozen 3. All episodes are available and streaming on all of the usual podcast platforms, and you can select your preferred player here. There are also a few bonus mini episodes for those fans that can’t get enough.

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