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Halloween is just a short time away and Disney is loading us up with some new Disney Chills spooky stories! Disney Chills is a chapter book series that was released in late 2020 and so far, five books in the series have been released. Written by Jennifer Brody under the pen name Vera Strange, Disney Chills offer just the right amount of creepy entertainment for the fall season. Read on for a review of Disney Chills books 3-5 in the exciting new series!

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disney chills books series 3

In Second Star to the Fright, Barrie decides that he never wants to grow up. On the eve of his 12th birthday he tours the Jolly Roger pirate ship and learns about the diabolical Captain Hook. Barrie ends up stealing the infamous hook and releases a terrifying curse in which he doesn’t age at all and the ghost of Captain Hook stalks him relentlessly.

I think I can safely say that Second Star to the Fright Disney Chills book is one of the creepiest I’ve read. The themes are very similar in the books, tweens who want to make their deepest wishes come true at terrible costs. I think Barrie’s plight is the saddest as he starts to realize that his selfishness and theft of the hook essentially means that he will never age again. Slowly his friends move on with their lives and he discovers by looking through old yearbooks that the curse didn’t actually end.

disney chills books series 4

In Be Careful What You Wish Fur, Delia is obsessed with social media and taking the perfect selfie. When she finds a fur coat that belongs to Cruella de Vil, everything seems to fall into place. When Delia wears the coat, she feels gorgeous, has new friends, and finds herself gaining attention in real life and online. When Cruella demands her precious coat back, Delia makes an agreement with Cruella that doesn’t exactly end in her favor.

The obsession with social media is the topic of Be Careful What You Wish Fur with Delia being so determined to be popular that she literally stops at nothing to obtain a coveted De Vil coat. Once the coat showers Delia with beauty and privilege, the ghost of Cruella stalks and taunts her, almost running her down in a ghastly coupe reminiscent of what Cruella drives in the famous movie 101 Dalmations. The ending is very similar to the other books so don’t think that anyone gets a happily ever after but there is some redemption that happens.

One more thing to note about Be Careful What you Wish Fur…..the cover is easily one of the scariest of the series. Illustrated by Jeffrey Thomas, you can almost hear Cruella’s wicked laugh coming off the page. And if you look carefully enough you can see Delia’s fate!

disney chills books series 5

Liar Liar, Head on Fire introduces readers to twelve-year-old Hector and his family. They are all amazing athletes and are well known in their small Midwestern town. Although Hector is prepping for winning the Zeus Cup in the Mt. Olympus Spartan Race, his true passion is photography which he keeps secret from his family.

When a mysterious new runner named Mae bests him in a local race, Hector makes a deal with Hades to become stronger and faster. But soon Hector finds out that Hades has ulterior motives that don’t include Hector’s well-being.

Liar Liar, Head on Fire isn’t the strongest entry in the Disney Chills books series because Hector’s motivations are murky. He makes a deal with Hades only because Mae beats him in the event leading up to the Mt. Olympus Spartan Race. It’s already established that Hector’s passion isn’t racing so why is he so determined to beat Mae?

Despite this, the creepy factor is real with Hades and his smoke popping up around corners and in mirrors, taunting and terrorizing Hector.

The cover of Liar Liar Head on Fire is pretty cool because Hades looks like a villain rather than the comedic version in the movie Hercules.

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