Review: Beast Boy Loves Raven, a DC Comics Graphic Novel

Teen Titans is having a resurgence, with the HBO MAX show just completing its third series and a new Kamie Garcia/ Gabriel Piccolo graphic novel being released.  Read on for a book review of Beast Boy Loves Raven published by DC Comics!

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In the third graphic novel of the Garcia/Picolo series, Raven and Beast Boy are set on finding more about their powers. Finding themselves in Nashville, Gar and Raven come together with Gar worried about revealing his powers and Raven silently battling Trigon who is desperate to be released.  Raven is hesitant initially with Gar, considering the last boy she spent time with ended up spying on her.  The two are kidnapped and they fight to free themselves with some help from friends old and new.

Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven graphic novel feels like the Teen Titans story is finally getting moving with the characters revealing and helping each other with their superpowers.  I did think the attraction between Raven and Gar was a bit rushed, with Raven’s general distrust of people only taking up a few pages.  I think that it’s important to remember that these characters are different versions that the traditional comics but in every single iteration of Raven, she takes a long time to trust anyone.  

The Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven graphic novel continues the fabulous art of Gabriel Picolo.  I like his use of purples and greens to illustrate the power of Raven and Gar when they are defending themselves.  The action scenes are the best of the series showing Raven using Trigon to battle and even the quiet scenes of Raven and Gar spending time together are beautiful.

I’m looking forward to more Beast Boy and Raven graphic novel adventures but hoping future graphic novels flesh out their romance more and the plots take a bit longer to unfurl.  

Rating: 4/5 stars

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