Review: I AM GROOT Shows Groot at His Mischievous Best!

without the funding and manpower of a full film.  Disney Plus seems to be giving us more of these types of shorts series, especially with the release of BAYMAX! And Pixar’s Spark Shorts. Read on for a spoiler-free review of I AM GROOT, a new series of shorts, streaming on Disney Plus!



I AM GROOT takes place after the end of the first movie, so we see Groot initially still in his little white planter so he’s slightly older than a baby but younger than a teenager.  This makes for some silly adventures with Groot having little to no patience for competition or snarky characters.

Each short is about 6-9 minutes so they are brief enough for a few laughs but not overwhelming to sit and watch every single episode.  The first episode shows Groot breaking out of his little pot (accidentally of course) and fighting a bonsai tree. My favorite short is one that sees Groot relaxing in a colorful space forest and his ridiculous reaction after getting heckled by a nearby bird.  

The dialogue is brief and Groot says his signature “I am Groot!” several times but what’s fun is that his response is coupled with facial expressions and body movements. The outcome is that “I am Groot!” can mean literally anything. 

One thing to mention is that a lot of the shorts show Groot getting frustrated and making snap decisions.  Some of these decisions led to conversations with my children and me about kindness and patience, but again since Groot is essentially a baby, his frustration never feels mean just a silly reaction to being jealous or bummed out.

I AM GROOT shows Groot at his mischievous best and with a few fun cameos, it’s a great refresher to the character or some filler while we await the Guardians of the Galaxy’s return to the MCU.

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