Movie Review: The Family Plan on Apple TV

In Apple TV’s The Family Plan, Dan Morgan (Mark Wahlberg) and Jessica Morgan (Michelle Monaghan) are stressed-out parents trying to juggle family life and spending quality time together.  One day Dan gets attacked and realizes, that his former life as an assassin himself means that he and his family have to hit the road for safety.  The problem is that Jessica has no clue that Dan is a former assassin.  

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On the run from assassins, Dan hustles the family which includes teenagers Nina (Zoe Colletti) and Kyle (Van Crosby) in their minivan and announces that the family is going on a road trip. Initially, the family isn’t too concerned and Dan fights to protect his family unbeknownst to them.  In between complaining about not being able to use their phones, Dan’s teenagers are mostly sullen and equally confused about their Dad’s behavior.  

When Dan becomes honest about his past and the danger his family is the reactions range from shocked to angry to stunned. There isn’t much time to dwell on the truth though since multiple hitmen capture the family in Las Vegas.

It’s no surprise that I stumbled on this film while looking for a movie to watch one night.  Apple TV is notorious for not promoting their films and The Family Plan is a perfect example.  This family movie night film is predictable of course, but has a few funny moments.  Seeing the teens horrified at their parents rapping Vanilla Ice is funny and relatable and the baby provides comedic relief during some of the most suspenseful parts of the film.

Several of the scenes are chaotic, especially the fight scenes at the college but I should say that Wahlberg is pretty convincing as a former hitman turned Dad raising a family.  He’s very charismatic in The Family Plan, and has great chemistry with Michelle Monaghan.  The Family Plan on Apple TV is an amusing comic thriller as long as one sets expectations for several unrealistic situations set in a video game-like atmosphere. 

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