Show Review: Secret Origin of the Batwheels

“Secret Origin of the Batwheels” is coming soon to HBO! Read on for a spoiler-free review!

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“Secret Origin of the Batwheels” starts off with viewers being thrown into a chaotic cat-and-mouse chase between Batman’s team and several iconic villains.  Bat Girl, Robin, and Batman are in the midst of chasing Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, and the Joker/Harley duo.  The scene is reminiscent of the video game Mario Cart with colorful little racers chasing after silly vehicles like Mr. Penguin’s rubber ducky mobile.

While Batman and his team are getting the keys to the city honoring their successful capture of the villains, someone or something attempts to break into the bat cave.  The robots in the Batcave quickly install a new motherboard in the bat mobile (who they call BAM) so he can stop the intruder!  We also see how the rest of the Batwheels team came to be as they end up being crime fighters on wheels when Batman isn’t available.

This preschooler 30-minute special is a fun and joyful addition to the Batman selections on HBO.  We know that “Harley Quinn” is for adults, but kids can get their Batman fix with this entertaining show.  “Secret Origin of the Batwheels” has diverse characters along with some recognizable characters like Joker plus a few new characters which go with the theme of Batman always battling old and new foes.

If you’re wondering what age group Secret Origins of the Batwheel is appropriate for think preschool age 3-7 and even older children may enjoy the silly jokes and teamwork of the Batwheels team.

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