The Best Apple TV Plus Shows to Binge!

With Apple TV+ now over two years old, the streaming service has built an impressive lineup of original programming. From award-winning dramas to innovative comedies, Apple TV+ offers some of the highest-quality shows available today. In this article, we’ll highlight the top 10 shows that no Apple TV+ subscriber should miss.

Shows to Binge on Apple TV+

Shows to Binge on Apple TV Plus!

1. The Morning Show

Jennifer Aniston kills it in this behind the scene drama about a morning television show. A veteran newscaster is partnered with a young up-and-coming reporter when her original partner of many years is fired.

Backed by sharp, snappy writing, it balances juicy soap opera melodrama with a nuanced peek inside a high-pressure media environment. Both a scathing indictment of toxic power dynamics and an empathetic look at humanizing its complex characters, “The Morning Show” is a riveting, buzz-worthy drama. It also captures morning shows’ interesting mixture of serious news delivery alongside lighter pop culture fluff with clever humor. Touching on subjects like sexual harassment and ageism, “The Morning Show” is a must-watch!

2. See

Jason Momoa defending his family and fierce warrior women make this unique show an experience not to miss. The story follows a family trying to survive in a dystopian future where everyone is blind. Both violent and tender, SEE is my favorite show on Apple TV+!

Backed by a stellar cast led by Jason Momoa and Slyvia Hoeks, the show takes viewers on an immersive journey into a future world shaped in unique ways by blindness. It also explores universal themes about family, survival, and the lengths people will go to cling to power.

Equal parts visceral action and thought-provoking commentary, “SEE” brings originality and epic excitement to Apple TV. With rich world-building, textured characters, and heart-pounding fight sequences, “SEE” captures the imagination and leaves audiences eager to delve deeper into its darkened future setting.

3. For all Mankind

The premise is unique; what if Russia had won the race to space? “For All Mankind” presents an aspirational world where NASA astronauts, engineers, and their families find themselves in the center of extraordinary events seen through the lens of an alternate history timeline.

Balances drama, action, and political intrigue, while tackling themes about progress, ambition, and national identity.

4. Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso” is a comedy TV series about an American football coach named Ted Lasso who is hired to coach an English Premier League soccer team despite having no experience coaching soccer.

We love this show for its smart and witty writing. The show balances its upbeat heart with sharp, funny dialogue. Additionally, it knocks out stereotypes and expectations with well-developed, nuanced characters! This is probably one of the very best shows on Apple TV Plus!

5.  Ghostwriter

Perfect for families, in fact, our kids loved this, “Ghostwriter” is a reimagining of Sesame Workshops’ 1992 series. When a ghost haunts a neighborhood bookstore and starts releasing fictional characters into the real world, four kids must team up to solve an exciting mystery surrounding the ghost’s unfinished business.

Armed with secret messages only they can see, the young heroes chase down the truth — and become friends in the process. “Ghostwriter” is a re-imagining of Sesame Workshops’ 1992 series. 

6. Dickinson

“Dickinson” audaciously explores the constraints of society, gender, and family from the perspective of the rebellious young poet Emily Dickinson. Starring Hailee Steinfeld, “Dickinson” is a unique and entertaining comedy series.

Dickinson” stands out as a wholly original coming-of-age story, a rich showcase of Steinfeld’s talent, and a celebration of one of literature’s most pioneering female voices. With its sharp writing, distinct style, and insightful themes, the series has cemented itself as an eccentric, empowering highlight of Apple TV+’s offerings.

7. Defending Jacob

Starring Chris Evans and Michele Dockery, “Defending Jacob” unfolds around a shocking crime that rocks a small Massachusetts town and one family in particular, forcing an assistant district attorney to choose between his sworn duty to uphold justice and his unconditional love for his son.

Based on William Landay’s bestselling novel and grounded in intricate characters, “Defending Jacob” constructs a haunting, thought-provoking mystery filled with jolting revelations and an atmosphere of paranoia. It casts smart, critical eyes on the U.S. criminal justice system’s flaws while crafting emotionally potent, character-driven drama out of the painful complexities inherent in parenting.

8. Severance

Starring Adam Scott, “Severance” tells the story of a man who chooses to get “severed” at work, meaning his memory is wiped before he returns home each day. He starts to suspect something is amiss when a woman joins his team and causes havoc among his coworkers.

Beneath its unusual concept, “Severance” explores universal themes about grief, relationships, and finding meaning in life. The slow-burn mystery unravels in a really satisfying way.

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