The Marvels Merchandise Must-Haves!

The Marvels was released nationwide on November 10, and of course, with a new movie release, comes new merchandise!

The Marvels centers around Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Captain Monica Rambeau, teaming up to save the universe. Now you can get in on the action with some new amazing merchandise from places like Shop Disney, Her Universe, Box Lunch, Funko, and more. We loved all of the theming with the new merchandise, especially with the addition of the Flerken merchandise (who knew Goose would be such a star?!). Some of our favorites include:

Her Universe Marvel The Marvels Captain Marvel Retro Dress

the marvels merchandise her universe dress

This dress is PERFECT to wear to the parks! We are loving the stars on the inner pleats of the skirt. You can find the dress on Her Universe’s website on sale right now for $51.92!

Goose Shoulder Plush

Carry your favorite cat aka Flerken on your shoulder with this Goose shoulder buddy! You can find Goose on the Shop Disney site for $22.99.

The Marvels Icons Earrings Set

the marvels merchandise earrings

These earrings are adorable with a nod to each of the Marvels and one of our favorite Flerkens, Goose, it’s a fun way to add a little bit of The Marvels flair to your wardrobe. These earrings normally retail for $11.99 and you can find them on sale for $5.99 on Boxlunch’s website.

Check out all of the official The Marvels gear and movie news on the official Marvel Website here.

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