Book Review: Walkin’ the Dog

This heartwarming and humorous middle-grade book, Walkin’ the Dog by Chris Lynch explores the transformative power of friendship, both human and canine. Louis, the self-proclaimed “inactivist” meaning he really would rather sit back and observe rather than take part sticks out in a family of strong personalities. Louis is gearing up for the scary transition to public high school after years of homeschooling. Little does he know that a seemingly mellow favor for a neighbor and their stinky dog will push him into a whirlwind of unexpected adventures.

Walkin' the Dog book cover showing a teenafer chasing after a dog running towards a group of people and other dogs

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Lynch crafts a tale where Louis, initially content to get ZERO attention, stumbles upon a bustling dog-walking business that not only introduces him to some of the most quirky people but also an array of mischievous and endearing pet companions. The cast of characters is as diverse as the dogs themselves, with Agatha, a witty and enigmatic girl; Cyrus, the mentor figure that helps Louis with emotional growth; and a bunch of misbehaving dogs, each with their unique charm.

The book Walkin’ the Dog captures the essence of change and growth, both in humans and their four-legged friends, which can be relatable to teens. As Louis navigates the challenges of high school, he finds himself surrounded by valuable lessons from unexpected sources and finds that moving out of his comfort zone isn’t so scary after all.

With its blend of humor, warmth, and insightful storytelling, Walkin’ the Dog is an entertaining read that will resonate with readers of all ages, reminding readers that sometimes, the most important lessons come from unexpected sources.

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