Book Review: Learn Cooking Tips From the Updated Disney Princess Cookbook!

The famous Disney Princess Cookbook has been recently updated. Filled with delightful recipes that should inspire even the slightest of Disney fans, this is a perfect gift for the foodie lover. Read on for a review of the Disney Princess Cookbook!

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Disney Princess Cookbook Details

From savory lunches and dinners to sweet desserts, this beautiful cookbook for kids features fifty delicious recipes inspired by the Disney Princesses and their many adventures! Make learning how to cook fun and downright magical with inspiration from the Disney Princesses! Featuring simple step-by-step instructions and mouth-watering photos of each dish, this cookbook makes it easy to whip up enchanting treats, while enjoying captivating illustrations of the princesses and their friends.

DIsney Princess COOKBOOK Review

Disney released the updated Disney Princess Cookbook! This colorful cookbook features 50 Disney-inspired recipes, all running from easy to moderate in cook experience. The book has several introductions that feature tips for safety, ingredients and food handling. Each of these intros has illustrations that feature Disney characters either cooking or handling food which is a fun feature!

Disney Princess Cookbook review

The Disney Princess Cookbook is set up very simply with each recipe having one photo on one page and the next page showing the ingredients and directions. Each recipe is rated with a crown, one crown being the easiest of recipes and 5 crowns being the hardest.

Many of the recipes are strictly dishes that you can assemble like Chomptastic Carrots and Dip or the Rapunzel-inspired Sun Punch. Others like the Apple Dumplings or the Savory Shepherd’s Pie are much more complicated. Each recipe has a fun tip or idea of something to add to the recipe to make it slightly more magical. Think garnishes and fun substitutions!

What types of recipes are in The Princess Cookbook?

The Disney Princess Cookbook is broken up into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Sides, Beverages and Sweet recipes. The end of the book also has menu recommendations if you are looking to make several recipes and pair them together.

What Ages is the Disney Princess Cookbook For?

Disney recommends this book for ages 6-8 but I firmly believe that any Disney fan will love this book! The recipes range from easy to difficult and many would fit seamlessly into Disney-themed parties or events.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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