Book Review: The Battle for Starlight by George Mann

The latest children’s book in the Star Wars: The High Republic multimedia launch is The Battle for Starlight written by George Mann. Read on for a full review of The Battle for Starlight!

battle for starlight review

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The Battle for Starlight Review

In The Battle for Starlight, the evil Nihil have the audacity to sneak onto the Starlight Beacon Space Station to cause havoc.  Padawans Burryaga the Wookiee and Bell Zettifer are on board the Starlight, observing the towing of the Starlight through hyperspace.  They notice strange things happening on board and a huge explosion means all the Jedi on board have to find a way to evacuate the passengers.  

The Battle for Starlight is the first Star Wars High Republic children’s book that shows that the Nihil are successful in their plot against the Jedi with the destruction of the Starlight.  Ultimately this and Burryaga’s disappearance up the ante for the next book!

These Star Wars High Republic children’s picture books work as stand-alone books that quickly explain the Jedi characters and what mission they have to protect the residents of various planets. The books are a simplified version of the High Republic adult novels so expect lots of action but almost no death. The Battle for Starlight puts several Jedi characters in peril and fits nicely within the entire High Republic universe.  

Rating: 4/5 stars

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