Picture Book Review: Dressing Up the Stars

Have you ever heard of Edith Head, the famous costume designer? She broke barriers for women in the early days of the movie business by creating catching designers and defending her work from naysayers. Read on for a review of Dressing Up the Stars: The Story of Movie Costume Designer Edith Head, written by Jeanne Walker Harvey and illustrated by Diana Toledano!

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Dressing Up the Stars Book Review

Growing up in San Bernadino California, Edith Head was a shy and lonely child. Instead of playing with the other children, she often found herself by herself, playing games with her imaginary friends. She had a coveted bag of fabric that she used to make odds and ends and eventually Edith ignored her shyness enough to ask neighbors for scraps of fabric.

Edith enrolled in a high school in Los Angeles where she discovered the movie business. After graduating and becoming a teacher, Edit eventually made her way back to movies and became a costume sketch artist for a Hollywood studio.

Dressing Up the Stars shows Edith’s years of work and studying her craft led to jobs on some of Hollywood’s most famous movies. Despite some naysayers, Edith found herself defending her costume designs against the opinions of directors and actors. Success eventually finds Edith and she wins an Oscar award for Best Costume Design!

Focusing on Edith Head’s headstrong desire to succeed at costumes, Dressing Up the Stars offers a glimpse into the creativity and sheer determination of a famous costume designer. The illustrations by Diana Toledano are colorful and whimsical, showing Edith Head at work and daydreaming of success. Some illustrations are sketched so that they almost pop off the page in a 3D style, and hold some interesting details that children will appreciate.


Edith served as the inspiration for the iconic character Edna Mode in the Pixar film The Incredibles! With her classic hairstyle and glasses, Edith will be recognizable as the inspiration for Edna to the observant reader.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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