Graphic Novel Review: Cosmic Cadets #1

In the graphic novel Cosmic Cadet’s #1 Contact!, teenage Jimmil is itching to get out on his own and have his own adventure. Jimmil’s mom is the Captain of the ESS Khonsu and while Jimmil admires his mom, he wants to experience life outside the ship. The opportunity arises when aliens attack the ESS Khonsu. While the adults panic and try to lock down the ship, Jimmil, and his friends take the opportunity to investigate the surface and find out what the aliens want.

Cosmic Cadets graphic novel cover

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After a rocky crash landing and some bickering about a plan of action, Jimmil and his friends feel the danger and eventually come face to face with the aliens. It turns out the aliens aren’t really dangerous, they are just as curious as Jimmil and his friends. Despite the two groups bonding, Jimmil’s mom and the rest of the ESS Khonsu stage a rescue mission putting all of their progress in jeopardy.

Cosmic Cadets is a vibrant graphic novel about a group of kids branching out on their own for an adventure. The coloring of the panels by Priscilla Tramontano is beautiful, relying on pinks, purples, and yellows to set the scene on the mysterious alien planet. The characters are super diverse, in different shades of brown and yellow that make up the crew of the Khonsu and Jimmil’s friends.

Cosmic Cadets is an entertaining graphic novel that follows a group of kids on a vibrant space adventure. Along the way, they learn the importance of independence and talking things out before resorting to violence. The colorful illustrations by Mimi Alves bring Ben Crane’s story to life, capturing the excitement of space travel and adventure with no adults mucking things up. Overall, Cosmic Cadets is a fun and engaging read that teaches valuable lessons about communication and conflict resolution.

Rating 4/5 stars

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