Frozen 2 Book Reviews: Bruni’s Big Adventure and One For the Books

Raise your hand if you are spending lots of time at home like we are! I’m blessed to have kids who love to read and making sure we have a good stock of new books has been a priority during this pandemic. When the boredom complaints start, I pull out a new book for them to read. Disney Books generously sent these two adorable Frozen 2 kids books for us to explore so here is what to expect from Bruni’s Big Adventure and One for the Books releasing later this year!

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Frozen 2: Bruni’s Big Adventure Book Review

Written By Suzanne Francis and Illustrated by Griselda Sastrawin-Lemay

Join Olaf and his lovable new friend from Frozen 2, Bruni as they go on an adventure through the Enchanted Woods.

In a beautifully illustrated picture book that takes place after Frozen 2, discover what Olaf and his friend Bruni are up to in the Enchanted Woods. Are they behaving under Elsa’s watchful eye, or are they running wild and breaking out on their own?

Bruni’s Big Adventure is a book that focuses on one of the most beloved characters in Frozen 2, Bruni the Fire Spirit. Bruni longs for another adventure and he finds it when he comes across Olaf in the Enchanted Forest! Perfect for ages 3-6, Bruni’s Big Adventure uses fun illustrations, simple sentences, and lots of sight words to tell Bruni’s story! The illustrations remind me of the iconic graphic artist Mary Blair, the colors are bold as you can see below!

frozen 2 kids books
frozen 2 kids books

One for the Books Book Review

Written by John Edwards and Illustrated by the Disney Storybooks Artists

Olaf has learned to read, and it is one of his favorite things to do. He is a frequent visitor to the Arendelle library. When he and Anna discover that the librarian is going out of town for a few days and the library will be closed, they can’t think of anything sadder.

But Anna has a brilliant idea for a substitute librarian . . . Olaf!

The lovable snowman shares his joy for books with the children of Arendelle and leaves the library in a state different than that in which he found it. Will Odvaar the librarian mind when he sees it? Or will a warm hug from everyone’s favorite snowman fix everything?

One for the Books takes place in Arendelle and it takes place after the events of Frozen 2. Olaf takes over temporarily for the Town librarian and convinces the townspeople to embrace reading more. The colors are more muted than in Bruni’s Big Adventure but it has more detailed illustrations- just look at Anna’s gown below! I also liked that the story was easy to understand and that the important descriptive words are bolded throughout the story.

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