Disney Book Review: Long Live the Pumpkin Queen by Shea Ernshaw

Those of us desperate for a sequel to The Nightmare Before Christmas was very surprised to hear that Disney Books was releasing a sequel in book form! Read on for a spoiler-free review of Long Live the Pumpkin Queen by Shea Ernshaw.

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Taking place shortly after the events of The Nightmare Before ChristmasLong Live the Pumpkin Queen whisks readers back to Halloween Town and the wedding of Jack and Sally.  After a short honeymoon to Valentine’s Town, the two return to start their duties as King and Queen.

Sally wakes up to find that Jack and almost everyone else is in a deep sleep.  Something sinister has descended onto Halloween Town and it’s up to Sally to figure out the mystery and wake her beloved up from his deep slumber.  Sally travels to the other Towns and finds the same scene, citizens that have laid down and slept where they were standing.  Sally eventually descends into Dream Town where she has to figure out how to stop The Sandman and save all the people in Halloween Town and beyond.

Long Live the Pumpkin Queen is a delightful story with Sally in the main character role despite her imposter syndrome.  She often thinks about how she doesn’t deserve her new life and she is still quite fearful of Doctor Finklestein at the beginning of the novel.  It’s helpful to re-watch the movie before starting “Long Live the Pumpkin Queen” but not necessary as author Shea Ernshaw does a good job of setting the scene in spooky Halloween Town.  

I found “Long Love the Pumpkin Queen” to be a really fast and entertaining read.  It should make those who love The Nightmare Before Christmas universe happy, as we finally get a standalone Sally Skellington adventure. 

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